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At HavenCryo, our globally recognized fertility and long-term reproductive preservation experts want to provide you peace of mind at every step of your fertility journey.

HavenCryo™ is here to help you expertly manage your family plans and reproductive tissue storage on your terms. Our highly experienced and skilled team and credentialed facility is ready to partner with you for your oocyte (egg), embryo, or sperm tissue cryostorage.

Trust the experts in cryostorage – HavenCryo.

Cryopreservation of Your Reproductive Tissue

Learning about your options and how it all works can be a little overwhelming, but we want to make it as simple as possible. Freezing your embryos, eggs, or sperm tissue is a process and involves multiple steps.

Oocyte (Egg) and Embryo Cryopreservation Process


Understand your options. Set up an appointment with one of our clinics to better understand what options may work best for you and your timeline. The process begins with a consultation at one of our clinics that will likely be followed by lab work to help our clinicians develop the best plan for you and your family. This might include hormonal lab testing, preconception screening, uterine evaluations and more.


Start the process. When your targeted cycle begins, you’ll likely need to take hormones to stimulate egg production. During this time, your doctor will closely monitor egg growth with frequent lab work and ultrasounds. When your eggs are ready for retrieval—generally after 10-14 days—your doctor will administer an injection to help them mature. Just 35 hours later, the eggs will be retrieved, a procedure performed under sedation at your clinic. The lab will then freeze and store your eggs for you to use in the future.


Take the next step. When you’re ready to start your family, the frozen eggs will be thawed and combined with sperm to create embryos. You may choose to have some of the suitable embryos implanted at that time or you may choose to freeze others for the future.

We offer safe, secure storage options no matter your timeline. If you’re ready to start your family soon, your eggs will be safely stored at your clinic and ready for any assistive reproductive therapies your plan includes. If you have paused or ended your assistive reproductive therapies or don’t plan to start your family for a long time, your clinic will send your tissues to HavenCryo’s secure storage facility, where they’ll be protected long-term. When you’re ready to start or add to your family, we’ll work with your doctor to streamline a safe and timely transfer to your clinic. Our state-of-the-art security technologies and protocols means that your future plans are safe with us, no matter your timeline.