Our Approach

Our Approach

At Haven, our mission is to provide peace at every step of the fertility preservation journey. That’s why we follow a number of protocols and procedures before, during and after transport to ensure our patients’ reproductive tissues remain safe and protected throughout the process.


Identify, locate, verify and document specimens to be transported.


Complete pre-move documentation and coordination, following standard operating procedure and cryopreservation best practices.


Schedule transport and prepare samples for shipment.


Place samples in canister and inside aluminum transportation dewars. Canisters are secured with ties to prevent movement or temperature changes during transport, and dewars are locked.


Upon arrival, tanks are signed for and brought into long-term storage facility.


Shipment tank is topped off with liquid nitrogen to ensure full submersion of the samples.


The canister is placed in a temperature-controlled Cyro Cart filled with liquid nitrogen.


Embryologist verifies the labeling on the cane tab, with a witness present for quality and assurance purposes.


Cane is removed from Cryo Cart and placed in a cryo sleeve inside a canister in the long-term storage tank.


Embryologist logs the storage locations of the samples in the inventory management system.